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Why I Chose Honeybook to Manage my Business


June 29, 2020

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When I first started my photography business, I managed my projects with email and notebooks… And just to give you a little background about myself, I am someone who LIVES for structure. It sort of runs my life, which is a borderline bad thing… but that’s another issue for another time. I knew I couldn’t keep running my business like that for long. I was so stressed, so frazzled, and so nervous that I was going to let something slip through the cracks. Something had to change. That’s when I found Honeybook.


Why Did I Choose Honeybook?

1. End-to-end project tracking 

Keeping everything for each client stored in ONE PLACE, works wonders for my sanity and stress levels. I’m talking emails, invoices, contracts, tasks, timelines, you name it! It’s all kept nice and tidy inside that client’s project. And on top of that, your pipeline keeps all of your projects organized, helping you know when they are, what stage they’re in, and what you need to do next!


2. Branded templates

They say after you repeat the same thing more than five times, you should find a way to automate it. Well… hello sweet templates! Being able to create templates (with my branding!) for everything I need has saved me hours of repetitive typing. I can create templates for emails, contracts, packages, proposals, questionnaires, you name it, and simply make edits as needed. A few clicks and it’s out the door!


3. Automated workflows

These workflows have changed my life. I can automate certain steps of my process if I choose to, like sending a payment reminder or a follow-up email. Or I can simply create a to-do list for each project that sends me automated task reminders, so I never miss a beat.


4. Seamless Online Payments

I’m not the only one who loves this one… my clients do to! The booking process is so easy and simple! My clients can view their invoice, sign their contract, and make their payment via credit, debit, or bank transfer all in one quick step! I can then direct deposits to my bank account and keep track of my clients payments.


5. Client Portal

Another reason why I love Honeybook is because my clients have their very own, user friendly, beautiful portal where they can keep track of their files, payments, and communication as well – just like me! My clients love Honeybook because it’s so simple and easy to use. 


6. All the Features

All that and so much more! There’s tons of other features like scheduling, calendar, contact form integration that automatically populates a project, reports, bookkeeping, time tracker, batch emails, and if you can believe it – even more


7. Integrations

Just to make things that much cooler, Honeybook integrates with QuickBooks, Calendly, Google Calendar, Gmail, Zapier, and more… 


8. Mobile App

And of course, a millennial’s CRM tool wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful and user-friendly app that allows me to work from my phone and always stay up to date with managing my business – which Honeybook totally delivers on! The app is so perfect.


9. Community Over Competition

Honeybook has another incredible resource I haven’t mentioned yet… The Creative Community. It’s an awesome place where creatives can come together and share opportunities, whether they’re looking to participate or need someone else’s support. It’s a beautiful representation of Honeybook’s beliefs and motto – Community Over Competition. Just another reason why I LOVE supporting this company.


10. Customer Support

Finally, I cannot fail to mention the incredible customer support I receive with Honeybook. They are so responsive and quick to help when you need them. But let’s be honest, most of my questions are already answered in their extensive Help Center resource! When you join, you also get free account setup and training so that you can hit the ground running in your awesome new tool! 




Just admit it… as much as you think your current “system” works for you, you can’t help but wonder if a tool like this is really possible… A tool where you can have everything in ONE place, I’m talking invoices, contracts, emails, questionnaires, timelines, scheduling, and more…. Well guess what. It is possible. 


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