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My Top 10 Favorite TV Shows


July 13, 2020

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So I know 2020 quarantine is making us a little crazy…. So I decided to put together a list of my top 10 all-time favorite TV shows. Because, let’s be honest, we’ve all been watching a lot of TV lately… And who knows! Maybe you’re out there right now just dying for something new, something good to watch in your spare time at home. And maybe there’s a few on this list that you haven’t seen before (please God don’t let it be Number 1). And maybe a show that you choose to watch from my list becomes one of your top 10 favorites too! Happy Binge-Watching!


1. Friends

Let’s just go ahead and get this out in the open… I am addicted to Friends. I admit it. I recognize it. And I’m okay with it. You see, there’s three main reasons why I choose to watch Friends…. One reason is because I’ve watched it so many times that I don’t have to give it my full attention to know exactly what’s going on. If I need to get things done, it won’t distract me from my task, but it also provides a happy soundtrack for me to work to. The second reason is because I’ve watched it so many times that it’s almost like a comfort food for me. These guys are like my friends too. It’s warm and familiar, and it makes me happy. So… why stop eating the mac and cheese, right? The third is because if I’m ever feeling down, the absolute BEST way to cheer me up is watching Friends… It literally works every time. It’s like my therapy. Adding a glass of wine and chocolate unto the mix doesn’t hurt either. But the main reason why I’ve watched the whole series so many times (I’m talking 20 plus) is because the last episode makes me so sad that it’s all over. So in order to pretend like it never ended, I have to watch the very first episode immediately following. And so begins the cycle all over again. So when I say I love the show Friends… maybe now you’ll understand what I mean. And also that maybe I’m just a touch crazy. 


2. White Collar

This one is extremely underrated in my opinion. I cannot get enough of it – which I guess explains why I can watch this one over and over as well (although not quite as often as Friends). Matt Bomer plays the irresistibly lovable Neal Caffrey – a world-class con artist and art forger who ultimately teams up with his nemesis-turned-best-friend Peter Burke as a criminal informant for the FBI. And of course, I can’t fail to mention Neal’s partner-in-crime, Mozzie – a very smart and very goofy fellow art thief. I love his character so much that back when I first watched the show years ago, I swore I would name my future puppy after him…. We now have a 6-month-old Corgi puppy running around the house who’s named after the lovable con artist. The show is hilarious, witty, light-hearted, smart, and SO well written. Neal is always one step ahead of Peter and one stop ahead of the audience as well, leaving you always wanting more. 


3. Outlander

Outlander makes all my dreams of traveling and exploring the Scottish Highlands come true. It’s all about Claire Randall, a married woman living in the 1940’s who accidentally falls through time to 1743 Scotland, in the middle of the Jacobite uprising, where she falls in love with a Scottish Highlander, Jamie Fraser. It’s a story about romance, drama, Scottish culture, battle, history, and love. I guess it’s geared a bit more towards women, because for some reason my boyfriend wants to hang out in the other room while I watch it…. Hey, a girls gotta have her self-care girly time right? 


4. Game of Thrones

Yep. This one pulled me in pretty quickly. I remember being very confused in the first few episodes with all the different characters and plot lines. But by the end of the first season, I was hooked. Just like many others in the world. Let’s just say Sunday night at 9pm was a very exciting time for us. Just the opening theme song gave me chill bumps, but then the hour was over way too quickly and you had to wait a whole week to find out what happened next. (Or a whole 6 months to find out if certain people would come back from the dead). Oh yeah, I was hooked alright. Sadly, the producers rushed the writers for a big Hollywood ending, and it didn’t quite live up to the standards that the author of the books would have set. So, I’ll be honest, the last season could have been better. But GOT definitely still makes my top 5. 


5. Gilmore Girls

Okay, how can you not love Gilmore Girls? Even my boyfriend watched this one all the way through with me! (Don’t worry, he secretly loved it). This is just one of those feel-good, light-hearted, must-see, classic shows. At least any girl can relate to most of what Rory or Lorelai go through at some point in their lives. And let’s be honest, you know a small part of you totally wants to pull a Lorelai and open a B&B in a quaint little Connecticut town like Stars Hollow…. Just watch out girls, this one might make you tear up now and then or at least make you want to call your Momma. 


6. Parenthood

Oh man… Parenthood is honestly one of the best shows I’ve seen created in a long time. There are so many reasons to love this show. The perfection in which it captures the essence of family is so unreal and accurate. It’s about the Braverman family with four grown siblings, with families of their own, and how they navigate the joys and heartaches of life and family together. It’s raw, emotional, and so relatable. I don’t think I go through a single episode without shedding a tear… but not because it’s sad. Because it just gets you right in the feels. Not to mention the acting is INCREDIBLE. Craig T. Nelson (papa Braverman) has had my heart ever since his role as “Coach” (another great show), and of course Lauren Graham (Sarah Braverman), first had my heart as Lorelai Gilmore. You might need to have the tissues ready, but trust me – Parenthood is 100% worth the watch!


7. Sherlock

The story of Sherlock Holmes has been told in so many great ways, but this one is by far my favorite. And I’m pretty sure it’s all thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch (as much as I LOVE Robert Downey Jr.). I just love the way Benedict plays the role of Sherlock. He brings the eccentric, genius to life like none other. Not to mention, it’s the perfect show to binge watch because there are only three 90-minute episodes per season, and only 4 seasons (although you’ll be wishing there was more).


8. Supernatural

Okay, this is where my nerdy side comes out just a little bit… I’ll admit, I need a bit of Fantasy Drama in my life every once in a while. I’m pretty sure I started watching Supernatural back in 2005 because of my middle school crush on Dean and Sam Winchester, but I quickly got wrapped up in the plot. I mean who’s not slightly entertained by watching two good looking brothers fight off evil in order to save the world? (If you’re not, it’s okay, we can still be friends). But after 15 seasons and still going strong, there’s no way I’m giving up on it now. I am with those Winchester boys to the very end. 


9. Blacklist

Yes, Blacklist is another Crime Drama. But it is not just your average FBI show. The show is full of unanswered questions, plot twists, and suspense. James Spader does a phenomenal job of portraying one of the world’s most wanted fugitives, Raymond Reddington, who turns himself into the FBI negotiating his immunity in exchange for his “blacklist” of criminals. His only condition is that he works solely with FBI profiler Elizabeth Keen – someone he obviously has a connection with, but no one knows what that connection might be. I would say 75% of what makes this show so great is the character of Raymond Reddington. He’s unpredictable, smart, sarcastic, and sophisticated. Trust me, this is one crime drama you don’t want to miss.   


10. Archer

Last but not least… my childish, comedic pleasure… Archer. I’m typically not a big fan of animated comedies (like Family Guy or South Park), and I specifically remember watching the first couple episodes of Archer and thinking “What on earth am I watching right now?”. But after a couple more episodes I settled into the humor, and it just sort of clicked. I was laughing out loud throughout the entire show. Archer follows the exploits of a dysfunctional group of secret agents and support staff of ISIS, an intelligence agency in New York. It’s ridiculous and hilarious (and definitely not appropriate for children), and apparently the sarcastic humor on the show (and Archer’s character) has a direct link to my funny bone. 

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