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Why You Should Get Married in Hawaii


February 6, 2018

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You know the bride who’s smile never leaves her face on her wedding day? The one who is so full of joy that it makes the whole day completely stress-free and just plain fun for everyone around her? The bride who’s wedding day is so perfect that it allows her to relax, enjoy, and cherish the most special day of her life.. To treasure every moment of anticipation until she says “I do” to the love of her life.

I’ve met that bride. I’ve celebrated with her, laughed with her, and captured her joy all day long. And you know why she was so happy? Her dream wedding that she had imagined every little detail of since she was a little girl had come true. It was everything she could have ever hoped for and more. She was marrying her best friend, surrounded by her loved ones, feeling like a princess, and living out her fairytale.

That dream wedding is so important. The way it makes you feel is something that you will remember for the rest of your life. The happiness and joy you experience is a feeling that you will cling to forever. So make your dream come true! Make it happen!

Have you ever dreamed of a romantic, tropical, destination wedding but thought it was impossible to pull off? Well it’s not! Have you ever wondered where the ideal destination wedding location is? I have the answer for you. It’s in Hawaii. The warm Aloha spirit of the islands is just waiting to welcome you and your fiancé and celebrate your love for each other. And in case you’re still not convinced, here are 8 reasons to get married in Hawaii:


An Unforgettable Event for Friends and Family

Your friends and family would probably never stop talking about your incredible Hawaii wedding. Let’s face it, they would have the time of their lives! A wedding celebration that typically lasts one day could last a whole week if you wanted it to. You could even send them to some of our favorite restaurants!


The natural beauty of the island is your décor

Whether you’re getting married on the beach, in a garden, or with a mountain view, you could probably get away with not having any decorations at all. Hawaii’s beautiful landscapes and stunning florals are enough to make any of your guests swoon


You’re instantly on your honeymoon

Why pack your bags, drive to the airport, sit through security, and take an 8-hour flight to your honeymoon when you can simply slip on your bathing suit and step right out onto the beach? You could even go for a midnight, newlywed stroll along the beach just hours after you say “I do”!


Stunning venues

Wedding venues in Hawaii are like the queens of all wedding venues. From intimate ocean-front receptions to luxurious resort ceremonies, these venues offer everything you could possibly imagine. And there’s hundreds to choose from! Just take your pick!


Uniquely Hawaiian traditions

Have you ever watched the scene in Blue Hawaii where Elvis Presley marries the love of his life adorned in gorgeous lei’s, surrounded by swaying palm trees, and being serenaded by ukulele’s and Hawaiian love songs? And the other scene where they have the time of their life at a traditional Hawaiian luau dancing around in the sand? If you haven’t, check them out and you’ll know just what I’m getting at. That could be you!


Perfect weather all year round

There’s no need to worry about weather when you get married in a place that has almost year-round sunshine and perfect temperatures!


Incredible photography

Years from now, when you open your wedding album full of stunning photos, you won’t regret for a second your decision to get married in Hawaii. It’s hard to not have gorgeous wedding photos when your palette is the pink and orange of a burning sunset or the rich green of the majestic mountains. These timeless, beautiful images will be one of the most precious treasures of your wedding and your marriage.


The adventure of a lifetime

Just imagine the stories… The incredible stories full of fond memories, love, and laughter. Your favorite memories that you’ll reminisce on for years to come. The exciting stories you’ll tell your grandkids about the time Grandma and Grandpa jetted off to Hawaii to have a gorgeous, romantic, tropical wedding… Can you imagine them?



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